Friday, February 1, 2013

What would Jesus do? Not act like Pastor Bell or Applebee's

I am a huge believer in fighting for the underdog and in this case - Chelsea Welsh is that person who has been fired from Applebee's restaurant for posting a picture of a receipt with one pastor's views on tipping: "I give God 10%, why do you get 18?"

So here's my thoughts on this...What would Jesus do? He probably would help the girl who was putting herself through college as a waitress.  He might even give her a bigger tip so she can take some time off with her family or go to church.  He might ask her to sit down, have a glass of water and take a break...he may offer to help her out any way he could.  He wouldn't complain about tipping - he'd give what he could.  He wouldn't write a nasty comment about how he gives his father 10% so she doesn't deserve 18.  He might give his father an extra percentage on Sunday though.  He wouldn't call the company in a huff because someone was rude to him (or in this case, put a comment up on Reddit) -- first off, he wouldn't have been snarky but second, I feel as though the idea is to own your mistake and seek forgiveness.

At first, I was angry at the pastor and wrote this: The pastor apologized because she got caught.  What has she done to actually make amends? Perhaps she should get another job and give her salary to the woman she had fired for awhile.  Or maybe she should call Applebee's and say she was mistaken, that she was wrong.  How about a fruit basket? I don't know  -- something? anything?

After thinking about how everyone has bad day's though...I wrote the following: So Pastor Bell, now that you're one of the most hated people in the media right do you feel about your comment?  Thankfully, Jesus would also say to forgive you too.  Maybe it was a bad day or maybe you have something going on that we don't know about.  Maybe you just got some bad news or you're having some financial struggles.  Maybe your faith has become a chore and that's why you compare tipping to tithing (which, by the way, isn't supposed to be a chore).  It wasn't the right decision but it happened.  This will pass and you will be forgotten - but you will not forget this moment.  Learn from it and don't be mean to your waitress. Ask about their day, ask what they do and why they're a waitress - give your waitresses an extra percent once in awhile.

So if I ever eat at Applebee's again, I will order water...and I will give my waiter or waitress the money I would have spent on food.  I will NEVER order something from there (mostly because I value my health too much but also because this sort of behaviour is NOT acceptable).  Large corporations should respect their employees because they are the true face of the company.  They are the ones who are dealing with stress and pain and exhaustion...and still smile.  They are not paid enough to deal with this sort of treatment.

Check out Fox News for completely accurate and reliable information -, so Fox is usually crap but this article gives the details of what happened.
From one ex-waitress to Applebee's...I tried to think of an intelligent way to insult you suck.


Tinkerbell (What can I say - I'm liking the nickname) 


  1. here's another full version if you don't want to go to fox news (they probably can spam you with ads by tracking you through facebook!)

  2. THANK YOU! I was almost crying having to post fox news on here *shiver*