Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The oddity of blogs

I always find it funny when someone tells me they read my blog. Seriously? You follow the mad rantings of a university student who sees the world through whiskey-coloured glasses? Well, all right then.

I suppose this is both a good and bad thing - It's good because my opinions obviously are reaching further than the university community and they're also being picked up by other people. It's a bad thing because the crap I write could potentially get me in trouble someday.

My thought on the 'trouble' aspect is this - Painters paint, bakers bake, writers write. To stifle ones creativity over the fear of being judged is a horrible decision. My writing should never be taken completely seriously. It should be judged for what it is - a blog which admittedly is an insight to the inner workings of my mind that you will rarely see on a daily basis. It also admittedly has lies in it - either intentional because I don't like a person and while using their nickname make fun of them (Fluffy Bunny)...or because it's my thoughts and I don't always see things like other people (everything else).

This blog is not an extension of my workplace but of me...it's a world within my world, a place where I can be open, honest, and sometimes dishonest without fear of repercussion. I do so much writing on a daily basis - from notes to articles - this has kept me grounded in the memory that writing is fun!

To all you other bloggers out there, write on. Let the world hear your opinions, your insights, your thoughts, your feelings. Keep a memory of your day, your week, or your year. Don't be afraid of judgment because judging only means you're being read. Embrace it, folks...and just don't write about your job.

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