Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fluffy Bunny Part 2

Like all good evil dictators, Fluffy Bunny arose from the grave with an army of minions to attack the peaceful town of John Saint yet again. Even though Fluffy Bunny had been usurped once (I love that word) by the science students, evil bunnies never truly go away.

Tragically, Anthony Enman did lose a portion of his colon as his Fluffy Drumstick came out through the hard way as it regenerated. Flowers and money can be sent to his good friend STinker...she...I mean, Anthony...also likes chocolate.


Fluffy Bunny took power once again and decided to spend an outrageous amount of money on something that most deemed downright stupid - of course, no one ever accused Fluffy Bunny of being a genius...or smart...or anything apart from a few words for a woman's vagina that Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman tend to be fan's of (and if you don't know what those words are, don't look them up).

Fluffy Bunny forced slaves to work on this event - a huge shrine in it's honour - in the middle of the town of John Saint. Hundreds of foreign students passed out from the workload as a huge bunny statue was erected in the town square. The screams of mercy could be heard for kilometers! It was a terrible terrible day.

Our hero, adequately named "AnyonebutBunny" saw the error of Fluffy Bunny's ways but did not know how to get rid of the bunny. Luckily, AnyonebutBunny did what any normal white 18th century British (yes, my hero is British) hero would do...Fluffy Bunny was duct taped up and sent to Australia where it got too fat eating kangaroos and dingos and exploded into a million little pieces.

The foreign students praised AnyonebutBunny and made a pot of rabbit stew in his honour...of course, then the 18th century British hero attempted to enslave the foreign students, got in trouble with the RCMP for racial crimes and is now sitting in prision slightly confused as to how the times changed.

The moral of this story is: Bunnies are evil and all people are equal.

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