Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do I look like a nice person? I do? Darn it!

It's time for a story, ladies and gents.

Once upon a time there was a farm called Farmville's. In this farm, there were some chickens - four to be concise. One chicken though kept sticking its head in the tail pipe of the tractor and was slightly loopy - a lovely chicken sometimes and yet, didn't always understand chicken mannerisms. That's okay though - that chicken doesn't really matter anyway in this story.

The head chicken had missed the axe one too many times - the farmer felt sorry for it because it was a little cracked as an egg. It's tongue lolled out to one side and sadly, it was cross-eyed...poor poor chicken.

The other chicken just ran around in circles all day long until it's mother finally said, "You're a rooster darn it - do something rooster-like" it ran around in more circles.

The final rooster sat in it's corner pretending to be a nice rooster until someone came by trying to move it to get to the pitchfork. The rooster went crazy - and even laid an egg...a rooster laying an egg? Must be a magic chicken so the farmer sold it to a butcher who waited for it to lay an egg for months - until realizing it was just an egg that fell under the rooster who was causing all the ruckus. Sadly, the rooster was sold to KFC as a...spokesperson...


The moral of the story : Be happy you're human. Chickens are all cluckers anyway.

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