Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's not always black/white

Have you ever read a story and thought "I wonder if there's more to that?" I first started really noticing this when I began writing for the paper, but it only truly began scaring me this past year.

A perfect example of this is when my mother called me over a story she had read. A man had called the police because his neighbor had been having prayer meetings over there. Mom was a little outraged - the police being called over a Christian prayer meeting?

It seemed as though the government was once again on the backs of the church...oh wait - the neighbor's view hadn't been fully expressed - there were between 30-40 cars parked on his street, blocking him in his driveway, he'd been dealing with it for weeks, asked the people to go elsewhere, and did I mention, it's a fire-code violation?

In day to day life, I meet people who are dead-set in their ways. It can be little things (what kind of laundry detergent is best) or huge issues (being gay is a sin or it isn't). The fact is, what we see as truth isn't always black and white. It means we actually have to take a step back from what we perceive to be true and look at it from other perspectives, something that admittedly isn't easy to do.

The person who 'lied' may actually have been telling the truth in their mind - facts get jumbled, dates get messed up, ideas change - it's confusing in the mind of someone else. Anyways, that's my tidbit rant for the night...I'm off to watch a movie with Pookie (yep, he's still around - surprised? What do you think I am? :)


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