Thursday, June 7, 2012

A list of truths about me

Sometimes (generally late at night and when I'm tired), I write a few things that I realize about myself...usually it's my most honest sort of blog and maybe a little out there but, here goes!

1) I hate doing spring courses but the professors that I have are amazing!!!

2) I feel terrible for my turtle and if she dies, I'm probably going to break down a little. I'm still trying to find a turtle vet!

3) I can't date more than one guy at a time - even casual dating. I always feel like a ho and it might be old-fashioned but I like learning about one guy and wondering if we'd mesh well.

4) I haven't picked up my papers yet to start phsyio...and yes, my ankle is still crappy.

5) I went on my first 2nd date since March...before that....about a year...oh crap.

6) I cannot sleep without my pillow but I'm pretty sure it makes me wheezy...and it's discoloured.

7) I have watched 4 seasons of top chef in a week while working on school.

8) I use olive oil for everything lately - from makeup remover to making my hair smoother.

9) I can't wait to go home but at the same time, I want to stay here.

10) I had the most awkward moment of my life yesterday. You don't get to hear about that one though :)

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