Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feast or Famine

You know, whenever I say "I'm going to be able to post all the time..." real life kicks me in the ass and says "I'm going to make a liar out of you." So, as I have been MIA for a long time (my apologies), I'm doing my favorite blog-style of listing my summer adventures:

1) Work - I have a full-time job at the museum here on the Rock (not Newfoundland...the other, not PEI either). While it's irritating at times to be doing database work and working closely with other people (it's a hard transition from what I was doing), it's also amazing.

2) I got a smartphone - that's right folks, I upgraded from my little flip phone (may it rest in pieces) to my Samsung Galaxy so expect pics from here on in.

3) I am still dating K.O. Since I'm not a fan of names on here (incriminating much?), that's all you'll get. K.O is a throwback from the Katy Keene comics in Archie comics. He's kinda wonderful and I definitely lucked out with him (and so did he...and I'm pretty sure he knows it).

4) My sister got married - that's right, she tied the knot to her best friend. After one upsetting cake fiasco (for the record, if anyone is ordering cakes in New Brunswick stay away from Melissa was a BAD experience and a terrible cake!).

5) I'm working part-time/sometimes full-time as a housecleaner/pet sitter. Better money and more flexible hours so I can work full time and work around it.

6) I'm biking more and even running sometimes...okay, I bike to work...sometimes.

7) I'm now working on homework...

So my apologies for not blogging...ahhh, nah, I'm not really sorry - but I'm going to be writing a little more now :) I hope.

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