Friday, June 29, 2012

My mother may be on the next season of 'Hoarders'

Let me just say I love my mother. A lot! She's actually pretty cool - she rescues crazy cats, she raised two crazy kids (plus a bunch of other people's), she feeds me, and I live here rent-free.

Now, my mom is rather awesome but holy crap she likes stuff. Magazines, books, toys from our childhood (Yes, I found my Alvin and the Chipmunk dolls), pieces of wood with screws in them, tins, boxes, bags...ETC ETC ETC!

I'm a minimalist...I like "no stuff"...I like my walls to be decorated but my rule of thumb is "if I have to dust it, I do not want it"'s rule of thumb seems to be "If the dust is there, write happy notes in it." We're really not on the same page at all.

Anyways, I started cleaning and have refrained from throwing out most things but I've been dusting up a storm and sweeping and terrorizing Collie-Dog (a cat)...and running from chickens. And convincing my sister I do not want to be thrown in a mudpuddle also known as a pond (if there is no chlorine, I don't want to swim in it. Her words are "it's not a toilet because people don't poop in it much").

Oh, I'm home...I hope I survive :P

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  1. But it is MY stuff and I love it. Ok, maybe not ALL of it, and I have gotten rid of some of it. The toys work for the few kids who do show up there and the mega blocks were a great demonstration in Sunday School a few weeks ago. The wood was your dads...and well, I just don't take time to dust. Stop terrorizing the critters and go write something for the Island newspaper...even if it is just about my crazy cats, and dogs, and birds, and stick bugs, and fish..and chickens. Oh HUSH.